On Ambrosia Briefly
AMBROSIA is a nonprofit (noncommercial) cultural (art) association, founded in Sarajevo, in February 1995 in an encounter of seven people who recognized mutually supplementary aesthetics and world views (Weltanschaung)...
Performing through art and humanities, Ambrosia designs a complementary reality in a pan-catastrophic perspective of a multiverse of equal differences.
Interdisciplinary and multimedia: from its ideas, intentions and principles AMBROSIA uses the widest possible communication and media approach, including everything from written and spoken words, through sound, image, motions… Doing so, AMBROSIA produces its artifacts, publishes, organizes…
In its creative work AMBROSIA contextualizes sublating (Aufhebung) of any kind of borders; sets itself asides of any past or contemporary ideologies; escapes from "isms" depersonalizes the Author; escapes from the main points or outcome of its activities; AMBROSIA explores and play with meanings; the esoteric one or: being always incommensurable to itself and its surrounding, surprisingly, AMBROSIA is an opening, even imposing a space for conscious or unconscious participation of the publicum; finally, in the sphere of various artistic production AMBROSIA is bricoleur.
AMBROSIA actions are presented, though in non-necessary way, through four departments/labels: Ambrosia Musica, Department for Text Pathology, Ambrosia Art and Design, Theatrum in spe.
Having no core funding, AMBROSIA is a virtual institution that acts more like guerilla, a small tactical unit adoptable on different environments, which are used for AMBROSIA's purposes. In this regard tactical choices for cultural actions are different: it acts alone, or in coalitions of similar actors, or as a parasite within establishment.

Activities created by Ambrosia 1995 - to present
(In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Norway and Germany)

Artistic activities:
- 95 Art performances, theater plays, exhibitions, poetry performances
- 55 Concerts of different music projects
- 6 radio-shows broadcasted in 244 episode at Bosnia Herzegovina radio-stations
- 8 soundtracks for film, video, theater and poetry performances
- 9 textual publications
- 14 audio publications

Performed – among the others places – at:
- Modern Gallery, Kapelica Gallery, K4, Metelkova Mesto (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
- Pfefferberg, Schokoladen, Postfuhramt (Berlin, Germany)
- Sophie Palace (Utrecht, Netherlands)
- OCCII (Amsterdam, Netherlands),
- Felix Pub (Lillehammer, Norway)
- BELEF festival, Rex (Belgrade, Serbia)
- EXIT 2010 (Novi Sad, Serbia)
- Club Močvara, AKC Medika (Zagreb, Croatia)
- Media Mediterranea Festival (Pula, Croatia)
- FIAT Festival (Podgorica, Montenegro)
- Chamber Theater 55, Collegium Artisticum, Youth Theatre, Ragusa Theatre, Youth House, Festival Sarajevo Winter, Gallery Duplex/10&100m2, CKD Charlama (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- OKC Abrašević, Pavarotti Center (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Nicht mehr zurück? Und nicht hinan?
Auch für die Gemse keine Bahn?
So wart’ ich hier und fasse fest,
Was Aug’ und Hand mich fassen läßt!
Fünf Fuß breit Erde, Morgenroth,
Und unter mir – Welt, Mensch und – Tod.
(F. Nietzsche)