Three Sketches for Guitars and Zurna

[Concert of improvised music]

Three Sketches for Guitars and Zurna
Concert of improvised music

Ambrosia organised a concert of improvised music entitled "Three Sketches for Guitars and Zurna" on January 25, 2017 in the Contemporary Art Gallery "Charlama" in Sarajevo.

Sketch I (Monologue)
Ognjen Šavija: guitar

Sketch II (Dialogue)
Nebojša Šavija - Valha: zurna
Ognjen Šavija: guitar

Sketch III (Dialogue)
Nebojša Šavija - Valha: guitar
Ognjen Šavija: guitar

The sketches came from free improvisation that, depending on a sketch, took a wide spectrum of musical expressions as a starting point, from neoclassicism intermixed with the motifs of contemporary classical music up to avant-garde and free jazz.

Nebojša Šavija - Valha: zurna, guitar; Ognjen Šavija: guitar

Contemporary Art Gallery "Charlama"

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