Ambrosia Colors

[Art Performance and Installation]

In the middle of a room there is a cubic rectangular (wooden/metal) construction with 4 water tanks ceiling from the top of the construction. It is lighted by the spot-light from the upper middle of the construction or from the above the construction. There is an oilcloth fabric bellow the construction in rectangular shape. There are 4 artists in tongs bellow –each bellow one water tank. There is a sound in a room: reading of a poem “Voyelles“ by Arthur Rimbaud (in French). The audience enters and takes place around the construction. After audience entered the room the artists pull down ropes of water thnks in synchronized move. The strong flows of paint come from the water tanks and they paint each artist with single color: red, blue, white and black. After all the paint went out, the artists sit within the frame of the construction and print their traces in the fabric bellow sequentially switching the position until the whole circle is not finished. Performance ends: the construction, fabric, painting and sound remains in the room making the “battlefield” of the acts and colors as an artistic installation.

Colors are: Elvir Šahić, Igor Banjac, Ognjen Šavija, Nebojša Šavija – Valha, Pierre Courtin (voice)

Gallery CKD “Charlama”, Sarajevo, 14. 02.2013.

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AMBROSIA is a nonprofit (noncommercial) cultural (art) association, founded in Sarajevo, in February 1995 in an encounter of seven people who recognized mutually supplementary aesthetics and world views (Weltanschaung)