Happy Monday

[Art Performance and Exhibition]

Exhibition: There were 7 identical A4 white papers glued on 7 A3 black papers attached to the walls of the gallery. Each paper is named by one of the founders of Ambrosia. 10 cm from the centre of each paper, there is a live warm hanging from a ceiling on fishhook, which also dance making playing shadow on the paper. In the separate place, there was a small terrarium with soil and another warm. The terrarium is named after 8 th member of Ambrosia – the Eight Traveler.
Performance: 1 st part – Two artists begin with orchestral improvised music, in the various forms of contemporary music of 20 th century and playing during the 1 st part of performance. Two other artists took two fishes and play with them under strobe light. Eventually they wrapped the fishes into plastic wrapping by which the 1 st part ends; 2 nd part – All 4 artists leave the gallery, walk to the first bridge and hang the wrapped fishes towards the river. The performance ends.

The atmosphere of a performance “Happy Monday” is Ambrosia’s answer to a call for questioning of an ideal of authenticity and to a cultural request for esthetical framing of various activities. Self-realizing freedom, as a consequence of ultimately fragmented even atomized society in which we live, become a means of slipping into subjectivism. A request for creative painting of a self became institutionalized; therefore, it is not accepted as the call, but as an everyday need. The means for satisfying the need appears as goods, so their variability immanently come under logic of market laws. “En-framed” by instrumental mind, its self-explanatory power additionally intensify “anonymous ideology” of producing signs. And it is exactly the production of signs that has already been determined by general order of consumption in a context of individualized use value and where the usefulness is the measure. Within this perspective, with the performance and the exhibition Ambrosia wants to indicate a culture of wiggling permeated by omnipresent technology of personalization.

Igor Banjac, Elvir Šahić, Ognjen Šavija and Nebojša Šavija – Valha

Gallery “ZVONO”, Sarajevo, 08.12.2014.

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AMBROSIA is a nonprofit (noncommercial) cultural (art) association, founded in Sarajevo, in February 1995 in an encounter of seven people who recognized mutually supplementary aesthetics and world views (Weltanschaung)