[Art Performance and Installation ]

In this explorative act, Ambrosia recreates a dimension of movement through over-determining spaces. Focused gazes of dominant figures supervise the scene by dwelling in a frozen rectangular system of a compromise of controlled gray matter. Determined by their own perspectives and given places, these seemingly enlightening authoritarian figures blindly follow the standards by which they are confined. In their attempt to evade constrains by injection of additional energy, it is shown that the system has already reached the state of heat death due to its “perfect” organization. Now, we can perceive it only through its secondary waste material. It is a fascinating perspective of the organized systems and their individual elements.

Elvir Šahić, Igor Banjac, Ognjen Šavija, Nebojša Šavija–Valha and Maja Zećo.

“Duplex/10m2” gallery on 19th March 2011

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AMBROSIA is a nonprofit (noncommercial) cultural (art) association, founded in Sarajevo, in February 1995 in an encounter of seven people who recognized mutually supplementary aesthetics and world views (Weltanschaung)