Ambrosia in Genere


Celebrating the 18 th anniversary of its activity, the Cultural Association AMBROSIA opened a documentary exhibition „Ambrosia in genere“ on 28 th February 2013 at Cafe Gallery “Zvono” in Sarajevo. By exhibiting photos, press clippings and other artifacts linked to its work, Ambrosia traces artistic and, more generally, cultural expression of its own: how it has been written by Ambrosia itself and/or how “the others” have read or experienced it, leaving their own impression about Ambrosia. The opening was accompanied by Ambrosia’s selection of music.

The exhibition was prepared by Igor Banjac, Sead S. Fetahagić, Elvir Šahić, Ognjen Šavija and Nebojša Šavija-Valha.

Cafe Gallery “Zvono” on 28th February 2013

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AMBROSIA is a nonprofit (noncommercial) cultural (art) association, founded in Sarajevo, in February 1995 in an encounter of seven people who recognized mutually supplementary aesthetics and world views (Weltanschaung)